Have you started planning your next vacation but are unsure of where to stay? Choosing between a beach house and a mountain villa can be tricky after all, the vacation you’ll get at either location will be fantastic, but the experience will be different. In this blog, we’ll help you decide! Read on to discover what type of traveler you are and whether you should go for a mountain or a beach vacation.
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Mountain Vs. Beach Vacation: Which One Is for You?


Your Mountain Adventure

A mountain vacation is an exciting adventure for nature lovers. The Southwest is home to some of the most stunning outdoor areas in the country, including the magnificent Lake Tahoe. It’s the ideal choice for couples and families wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You can reconnect with nature and with yourself, and marvel at the scenic beauty of the mountains. 
What to Do
Mountains are the perfect playground for hiking. Here, you’ll have the chance to soak up the scenery while getting some exercise. Did you know San Diego has a variety of fun hikes for you and your family? Iron Mountain Trail, for example, is a favorite among locals. If you’re in the Lake Tahoe area, we highly recommend the Cascade Falls Trail! Remember to bring a camera so you can capture the views of the lake. Are you more interested in the mountains of Park City, Utah? No problem. The rugged trails of the Rocky Mountains are perfect for sharpening your hiking skills and endurance. 
Where to Stay
Luckily for you, Monarch Luxury Villas offers mountain homes in both Lake Tahoe and Park City, Utah. Take a look at our Marla Bay Lake Lakefront Escape. This home provides spectacular views of the water and the perfect amount of space for your luxurious family mountain getaway. 

Your Beach Retreat

A beach retreat, on the other hand, offers an entirely different experience. This type of vacation is ideal for those who want to unwind in sunny weather, soak up the sun on golden beaches, and smell the salty ocean air from their private balconies. San Diego and its surrounding towns offer the beachy, California dream vacation you seek.  
What to Do
Relaxing at the beach is the primary goal of a beach vacation, and Southern California the perfect place to do it. San Diego, La Jolla, and Encinitas offer a wide variety of beaches to choose from. La Jolla Shores Beach, for example, is one of the most popular in the area, and for a good reason. You’ll love its family-friendly atmosphere and long stretches of white sand. It’s also a fabulous spot for water sports. Windasea Beach is another favorite of ours. This beach even features rocky coves along its shore where you can relax while enjoying more privacy. 
Where to Say
If you’re going to go on a beach vacation, you really ought to rent a home by the ocean. ake a look at our Dreamy Seascape Villa. You have never seen such incredible ocean views! You’ll love relaxing on the spacious deck and sipping on a cocktail while gazing at the famous Bird Rock.

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Monarch Luxury VillaNow that you have a better idea of what your next vacation will look like, it’s time to find your ideal home. Monarch Luxury Villas offers a wide range of properties in the mountains and along the beaches of Southern California. Experience the luxury and exclusivity of these high-end homes, and create memories with your loved ones that will last you a lifetime. 
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